Marine Mattresses & Pillows

Custom Specialty Sizing

Custom Recreational Specialties can custom design a perfect linen fit to any size or type of mattress. Heart, Round, Octagon, Air Mattress, Split Adjustable, etc...any custom size or shape. Give us a call for full details.

Park Avenue - Polyester

Oversized premium pillow in a 100% Cotton, 210 Thread count Woven White Satin Stripe.

Latex Pillows

This pillow contours the neck for superior comfort and support. It's Antimicrobial, Dust Mite resistant, naturally hypoallergenic and comes complete with a 100% cotton cover. Choose from 3 firmness levels: soft, medium or firm. Available sizes include Standard, Queen and King.

White Goose Feather and Down Pillows

A special blend of tiny White Goose Feathers and Clusters of soft White Goose Down make up this luxurious pillow. It is non-wicking, long-lasting, resilient and provides ultimate soft support.

Travel Pillows

Unlike inflatable travel pillows, the latex foam pillow dynamically conforms to your head and neck, providing phenomenal comfort and suppport in any sleep position. When rolled, it is small enough to fit on most carry-on bags, briefcases and backpacks.

Contour Pillows

Low height Isotonic design which custom supports the head and neck. Easily accommodates stomach, side or back sleepers. Zippered Terry Cloth Cover.